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"You are meant to feel good. "


Reshmi (Reysh-Mee) is an award winning natural health practitioner, Indian classical dance educator, cultural philanthropist and mother of two. With 18+ years of experience teaching, Reshmi has witnessed the positive impact movement has had on the lives of her clients.  In her personal life, from her late twenties - early 30's whilst touring, coaching and building her companies, Reshmi suffered from undiagnosed chronic pain, two seasons of post partum depression and anxiety and grief after caring for her mother who lived with Alzheimer’s for 7 years until her passing. This period served as a turning point in her life and work. Reshmi’s research into her own health  led her to a deeper connection to her body, cultural practices and the importance of maintaining a state of balance through restorative practices and treatments.


After sharing her story and journey, she experienced a deeper level of connection with her community in that, they felt seen and understood and many of them sharing similar experiences.


It was a very clear call to Reshmi and a natural transition to the next stage of her career. Reysh Rituals was born to hold personal space for her clients to restore, release and connect to themselves deeply through movement, natural health therapies and solitude. 


Reshmi’s passion and research is deeply rooted in human emotion, the nervous system and our body’s ability to restore itself. Looking forward, Reshmi is dedicated to creating space for others to come home to themselves through the work she does at Reysh Rituals Inc. 

Her Story

When I work with clients, whether it be for 1 treatment or many sessions, the goal is to ensure they feel connected to themselves. It’s about digging deep to unleash what's held within each client. I’ve absolutely loved my career because of this. Watching client after client come through my doors leaving  illuminated and restored. "



- Reshmi is an accredited Reflexology Practitioner with the Reflexology Association of Canada. 

- Reshmi has been awarded Top Reflexology Practitioner, 2023 for Markham, ON, Canada. 

- Reshmi awarded the Canadian Choice Award in category ' Health & Wellness' 2024

- Reysh Rituals Inc, recipient of a Desjardins Good Spark Grant, $20,000, 2024


Latest Partnerships & Collaborations

ONE Network //

Television Host

March of Dimes Canada // Speaker/ Presenter

TVO Kids //


Feature: Legacy Work  & Alzheimer’s Awareness 

Feature: The

Entrepreneur Life 

The Fun Stuff

Favorite Place:

Santorini, Greece 

Cozy must have:

Blankets + books.

Favorite Season:

Fall, but a summer sunny rainfall is one of my favorite things in the world.

Reshmi as a child?

Stargazer, day dreamer + lover of hugs.

Any hidden talents?

I am a fully trained graduate of Kathak & Odissi dance.

Favorite thing to wear?

Something black & a good hoodie. 

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