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Bringing the 'Art of Story' to March of Dimes Canada.

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

I cannot preach, teach or give a list of ways of how to heal. What I can do, is be vulnerable. I can be real, be open and hold space for stories to be shared, energy to be exchanged and through art, dance & intuitive movement I can do my part to create meaningful spaces for healing.

I had a life-changing experience when I was invited by Mark Jenkins, of March of Dimes Canada's Caregiver program to present at an upcoming conference. After reading about my story in The Economist & Sun as I spoke about arts as a means of healing my family during my mother's Alzheimer's journey.

After this presentation, the exchange was powerful for me. People of all ages, backgrounds and life journeys brought together in search of community and belonging during what is seemingly a very dark time in life. Many wanted to come up just to hug, some wanted to cry some wanted to tell metheir stories and some wanted to relate to the experiences and hold hands. It showed me one thing, just how important and needed this work is.

There are no two journeys that are the same, but they may be parallel and what we can do is keep one another company walking side by side with those who may need us as much as we need them.

Note: This performanc was done just prior to the pandemic, hence no masks.

Project collaboration: March of Dimes Canada

Music: Anoushka Shankar ( I do not own the rights to the music.)


An award winning, multi-faceted artist, Reshmi is an accomplished performer, dance educator, arts manager and producer. An artist who has a wide spectrum of experience in the industry with an eye for detail and storytelling. Reshmi’s mission is to provide access to dance education, collective experiences and holistic methods that will preserve traditions while inspiring innovation in the world of South Asian, Indo-Caribbean and new-age dance forms.


Instagram: @ReshmiChetram

Facebook: /Reshmi Chetram


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