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Pieces of time.

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

My Ajees hands. My Mothers bangles. My Nanni's veins. My Birthmarks...

Its amazing to think we are because of their dreams, thoughts, visions and actions and those to come after will be because of our thoughts visions and dreams. Not just parents to child, but ancestors from centuries ago.

Wearing passed down heirlooms, things that were worn everyday by someone, makes me think about the moments they went through, the stories that become of them, the associations people had to the things they wore and how connected you feel when you adorn what was once theirs.

I have a vivid memory of what it sounded like for my mom to put on her hollow bangles from a distance in her room. It meant we were going to a function, that she was almost done getting ready, that I better hurry up and finish my saree pleats lol.

I cant help but think of my great greats daily daydreams, decisions and choices and how those thoughts have directly impacted us, and how we will impact those to come in our lineage in the next 100 years.

Stepping out of ourselves, and into the larger collective that is the roots of our tree, that deep energy, that ancestral Shakti, brings unwavering clarity.

Fun fact: I used to hate wearing gold, I only wanted silver, when mom would pull out her #GuyanaGold, I would think it was too bright. Now, that's what I reach for first. #piecesoftime

A B O U T An award winning, multi-faceted artist, Reshmi is an accomplished performer, dance educator, arts manager and producer. An artist who has a wide spectrum of experience in the industry with an eye for detail and storytelling. Reshmi’s mission is to provide access to dance education, collective experiences and holistic methods that will preserve traditions while inspiring innovation in the world of South Asian, Indo-Caribbean and new-age dance forms.


Instagram: @ReshmiChetram

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