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Guidance of a Guru.

There must be a reason we feel so at peace in nature, maybe it's because we feel the essence of our ancestors still guiding us through the elements.

Today on Guru Poornima I spent the morning outside, made a small offering for all my students, near and far, & reflected on the beauty that was my relationship to my guru, my mother.

I'll share some of my thoughts.

It was:

:: Guidance that was stemmed from love.

:: Guidance that was rooted in hope.

:: Guidance that was challenging for growth.

:: Guidance that no matter how exhausting, felt like home.

:: Guidance that no matter how conflicting, eventually made sense.

:: Guidance that was playful, strict and explorative.

:: Guidance that was built into late night conversations, in the wings on a stage, dressings rooms and long drives home after shows.

:: Guidance that whether was tough love, or blind faith was anchored in security.

:: Guidance that became, friendship.

And as a teacher I am, ultimately holding space for everyone to go on their own journey with their art and naturally move on to progress into their paths. The bonds that are formed are timeless, they remain forever. A student who has grown from a place of love, selfless guidance and has been rooted will feel free to become whoever they are meant too in their art & know they can always return back with open arms.

The Guru/Shishya relationship is one of freedom not limitation, open doors, not enclosed boundaries and one that holds space for exploration and growth on both ends.

Sending love to all my students today & thank you for having me a part of your journey. 🙏🏼

With love,

Resh xo

The late Deviekha Chetram & her daughter Reshmi Chetram

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