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Reshmi brings ‘Ghungroos’ to TVO Kids.

What a complete joy it has been to work on this project with TVO Kids & the ‘Backyard Beats’ team. My two worlds met when I was invited as cultural consultant/senior teacher for an upcoming segment that would feature a topic that is as close to me as my family, Ghungroos. If you’re an Indian classical dancer, you know the relationship that you develop with your ghungroos.

  • The initiation of receiving them as a beginner.

  • The excitement to finally be able to wear them when you dance.

  • Being taught to treat them with the utmost respect.

  • Continuous gratitude we give them at the beginning and ending of every class.

  • Team work over the years when weaving stories, patterns and sharing your art; together.

As a Kathak dancer, my ghungroos are my literal bestie in dance. They’re with me at every performance, new stage, new studio, new class, centering and grounding me as I began journey’s in different parts of the world with my art.

This segment is catered to children and featured an upcoming youth artist also known as the ‘youth jammer.’ The host Monica, invites artists, musicians, dancers to 'The Backyard' to educate viewers on the featured instrument/form. Afterwards she goes on to do a DIY craft teaching kids how to make their own at home for fun ( featured on the ankles of Monica. ) Showcased in this piece was Deepika Malik, a young established Kathak dancer from Mississauga, ON.

Blending storytelling, movement, music, art & DIY crafts, the essence of Ghungroos was brought to life to inspire the next generation to learn more about the sounds, the usage & the meaning of Ghungroos. It was a pleasure to work closely with show producer Sean Leahy, music supervisor, Tammy Egan & the entire team on set.

My vision has always been to provide access to our traditional dance forms and in this chapter of my career my goal has been to navigate new avenues to do so. I also know that if six year old Reshmi was watching this back in the day, she and her dance mates would be very excited to see Kathak & Ghungroos on TV being shared & showcased, this project was a complete honor & a blast to be a part of.

“We were thrilled to feature Reshmi on an episode of Backyard Beats and grateful for her expertise as a Cultural Consultant. She is a captivating performer whose talent shines through on screen. We witnessed Reshmi’s skill as an instructor, when she walked the host and another young dancer through choreography on set. They felt comfortable and confident with the moves within minutes and most importantly they all had fun.

Reshmi is a delight to work with, a wealth of knowledge, dedicated and devoted to her art.”

- Sean Leahy, Producer.

Backyard Beats; Ghungroos segment is set to air in 2022.

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