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The Reshmi Chetram Dance Collective's vision is to preserve tradition and inspire innovation through Kathak dance, storytelling and holistic methods of creation.


The Reshmi Chetram Dance Collective is a professional dance company that was formed in 2019. This division of  Reshmi's work is focused on her solo and ensemble work through live performance, film and intensive styled experiences. It's the place where slow art is made.


RCDC strives to preserve tradition and inspire innovation through Kathak dance, storytelling and holistic methods of creation. Since it’s first year of  inception RCDC's work has inspired new programming with the March of Dime’s Caregiver division where Reshmi was invited to pilot a new program that merges the performing arts, creativity, caregiving and self- care. Jagaana, her latest work was premiered at ‘The Choreographer’s Voice’ spotlight, weaving a story of the resurrection after loss, grief and darkness in one’s life through Kathak vocabulary. 


In the RCDC mentorship program, Reshmi welcomed 85 artists in to her residency in it’s first season, which included scholarships for 5 senior artists to engage in a traditional Kathak intensive with guest teacher, Deepti Gupta. Reshmi was awarded fellowships from Moonhorse Company to focus on her exploration into the human psyche, connection and meditative movement. Reshmi has been recently featured on Nova Dance's platform, Discover Dance, Rukus Avenue Radio, ROOP Creative Agency, TVO Kids,  Ms. Brown Magazine & Jessica Alex Blog to discuss and present her innovative methods, approach to her art and mentorship  process. 


Along with dance, in 2020 Reshmi was published as an author  in ‘Hearts Linked by Courage’ by Alzheimer’s Society.  ‘Love on Loop’ shared the journey as a daughter, dancer and caregiver to her mother, her first dance guru. Their journey is filled with music, movement, love and expression during her years of living with a rare form of dementia and that journey is a real pillar of inspiration for the work and methods created in the Reshmi Chetram Dance Collective.


Reshmi has served as the principal dancer of Natya Arts Productions, Creative Director of The Tarana Dance Company, Associate Director of Angikam Seminar in Kathak & Choreography, Executive Director of Dance For Life Foundation & Producer/ TV Host of 'BollyFit.'


 Reshmi has worked with numerous Indo-Caribbean & Canadian charities to bring access to the arts, resources to children in need and the promotion of the arts as a tool for mental health/therapy. 


Reshmi is currently serving as the Chair of Arts & Culture for the Canadian Guyanese Congress. 



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Reshmi's Mother, Deviekha Chetram performing Kathak in Georgetown, Guyana.

Latest Partnerships & Collaborations

ONE Network //

Television Host

March of Dimes Canada // Speaker/ Presenter

United Nations Partnership // Presenter 

Feature: Legacy Work  & Alzheimer’s Awareness 

Feature: The

Entrepreneur Life 

The Fun Stuff


Favorite Place:

Santorini, Greece 


Cozy must have:

Books + Hot Beverage.

Favorite Season:

Fall, but a summer sunny rainfall is one of my favorite things in the world.


Reshmi as a child?

Stargazer, day dreamer + lover of hugs.

Any hidden talents?

I am a fully trained graduate of Odissi dance.


Favorite thing to wear?

Oversized Hoodie.

Black anything :) 

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