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'Love on Loop.' Published.

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Thank you @alzheimeryr for inviting me as an author for your latest book. I wrote this short story earlier this year when mom was still with us, 'Love on Loop' is 6 pages full of moments in our journey. Speaking of her in past tense has been hard for me.

It is projects like this one that help, and I hope helps any other families or individuals going through similar experiences.

The way we can heal is to tell stories of our experiences, and by doing so let others know their feelings, fears and triggers are valid and heard.

I am so grateful to have been considered to share and write for this project.

Link to purchase this book 'Hearts Linked by Courage.' - > Click Here 100% goes directly to @alzheimeryr

Published by @ic.publishing

About the Author: Reshmi Chetram-Dave is the author of Love on Loop. Her mom lived with frontotemporal dementia. Even in the darkest days of this journey, there was much light because we never lost her smile. Here was my mother still teaching me valuable lessons that would forever shape who I am, right up until the day she left us. This story was written to give those in similar situations a glimpse into our lives, to hopefully spark a feeling of support, being understood and belonging during a time that can feel very isolating.

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